Client-side analysis framework to create simple and powerful renditions of data. It allows you to dynamically adjust your view of the data to highlight opportunities, issues and correlations in the data.

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Kratu is an Open Source client-side analysis framework to create simple yet powerful renditions of data. It allows you to dynamically adjust your view of the data to highlight issues, opportunities and correlations in the data.

Kratu is a Sanskrit word and means enlightenment, understanding and intelligence.

It can compare similar objects by calculating individual scores for all the features we care about. Each feature is highlighted according to their score, rendering a prioritized heatmap where the objects of most significance float to the top.

Have a look at our tutorial and dive straight into the deep end, or read on for a more gentle introduction.

You can use Kratu to analyze data for support queue prioritization, account quality optimization, performance analysis, product comparison and much more. Example Kratu Report


Simply download Kratu and extract, or check out the repository:

$ git clone

Note: If you're running Kratu locally, you might have to start your browser with a flag to allow local file loading. If you're using Chrome, use --allow-file-access-from-files

Quick start

If you want to see more of what Kratu can do, have a look at the examples included.

Otherwise, here's a quick look at how to render a simple report

// Instantiate a new Kratu object
var kratu = new Kratu();

// Set the data we'd like to render

// Tell Kratu where to render our report
kratu.setRenderElement( document.getElementById('kratuReport') );

// And render it!

In-depth tutorial

To get a better understanding of what Kratu has to offer, go through this in-depth tutorial, where we'll build a product comparison analysis that can help users figure out which spaceship to buy.

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