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b2ChainShape Member List

This is the complete list of members for b2ChainShape, including all inherited members.

b2ChainShape() (defined in b2ChainShape)b2ChainShapeinline
Clone(b2BlockAllocator *allocator) const b2ChainShapevirtual
ComputeAABB(b2AABB *aabb, const b2Transform &transform, int32 childIndex) const b2ChainShapevirtual
ComputeDistance(const b2Transform &xf, const b2Vec2 &p, float32 *distance, b2Vec2 *normal, int32 childIndex) const b2ChainShapevirtual
ComputeMass(b2MassData *massData, float32 density) const b2ChainShapevirtual
CreateChain(const b2Vec2 *vertices, int32 count)b2ChainShape
CreateLoop(const b2Vec2 *vertices, int32 count)b2ChainShape
e_chain enum value (defined in b2Shape)b2Shape
e_circle enum value (defined in b2Shape)b2Shape
e_edge enum value (defined in b2Shape)b2Shape
e_polygon enum value (defined in b2Shape)b2Shape
e_typeCount enum value (defined in b2Shape)b2Shape
GetChildCount() const b2ChainShapevirtual
GetChildEdge(b2EdgeShape *edge, int32 index) const b2ChainShape
GetType() const b2Shapeinline
m_hasNextVertex (defined in b2ChainShape)b2ChainShape
m_hasPrevVertex (defined in b2ChainShape)b2ChainShape
m_nextVertex (defined in b2ChainShape)b2ChainShape
m_prevVertex (defined in b2ChainShape)b2ChainShape
m_radius (defined in b2Shape)b2Shape
m_type (defined in b2Shape)b2Shape
RayCast(b2RayCastOutput *output, const b2RayCastInput &input, const b2Transform &transform, int32 childIndex) const b2ChainShapevirtual
SetNextVertex(const b2Vec2 &nextVertex)b2ChainShape
SetPrevVertex(const b2Vec2 &prevVertex)b2ChainShape
TestPoint(const b2Transform &transform, const b2Vec2 &p) const b2ChainShapevirtual
Type enum name (defined in b2Shape)b2Shape
~b2Shape() (defined in b2Shape)b2Shapeinlinevirtual