LiquidFun Build and Run Instructions
Building for Windows

You can use cmake to generate a Visual Studio project for LiquidFun's Testbed and Unittests on Windows.

Alternatively, you can download a pre-generated Visual Studio solution from the release page. The Visual Studio solution is free of host-specific dependencies.

Version Requirements

These are the minimum required versions for building LiquidFun for Windows:

  • Windows: 7
  • Visual Studio: 2010 or 2012
  • cmake:

Creating the Visual Studio solution using cmake

When working directly with the source, use cmake to generate the Visual Studio solution and project files. For example, the following generates the Visual Studio 2012 solution in the liquidfun/Box2D directory:

cd liquidfun\Box2D
cmake -G "Visual Studio 11"

To generate a Visual Studio 2010 solution, use this commend:

cd liquidfun\Box2D
cmake -G "Visual Studio 10"

Running cmake under cygwin requires empty TMP, TEMP, tmp and temp variables. To generate a Visual Studio solution from a cygwin bash shell use:

$ cd liquidfun/Box2D
$ ( unset {temp,tmp,TEMP,TMP} ; cmake -G "Visual Studio 11" )

Building with Visual Studio

  • Double-click on liquidfun/Box2D/Box2D.sln to open the solution.
  • Select "Build-->Build Solution" from the menu.

Executing a Sample

  • Right-click on an example project (e.g Testbed) in the Solution Explorer pane, and select "Set as StartUp Project".
  • Select "Debug-->Start Debugging" from the menu.

Running Unit Tests

Developers modifying the LiquidFun library can verify that it is still working correctly by executing the provided unit tests.

Use the run_tests.bat batch file to execute unit tests: