What formats does ExoPlayer support?

See the Supported formats page.

How do I get smooth animation/scrolling of video?

SurfaceView rendering wasn’t properly synchronized with view animations until Android N. On earlier releases this could result in unwanted effects when a SurfaceView was placed into scrolling container, or when it was subjected to animation. Such effects included the SurfaceView’s contents appearing to lag slightly behind where it should be displayed, and the view turning black when subjected to animation.

To achieve smooth animation or scrolling of video prior to Android N, it’s therefore necessary to use TextureView rather than SurfaceView. If smooth animation or scrolling is not required then SurfaceView should be preferred (see Should I use SurfaceView or TextureView?).

Should I use SurfaceView or TextureView?

SurfaceView has a number of benefits over TextureView for video playback:

  • Significantly lower power consumption on many devices.
  • More accurate frame timing, resulting in smoother video playback.
  • Support for secure output when playing DRM protected content.

SurfaceView should therefore be preferred over TextureView where possible. TextureView should be used only if SurfaceView does not meet your needs. One example is where smooth animations or scrolling of the video surface is required prior to Android N (see How do I get smooth animation/scrolling of video?). For this case, it’s preferable to use TextureView only when SDK_INT is less than 24 (Android N) and SurfaceView otherwise.

Does ExoPlayer support emulators?

If you’re seeing ExoPlayer fail when using an emulator, this is usually because the emulator does not properly implement components of Android’s media stack. This is an issue with the emulator, not with ExoPlayer. Android’s official emulator (“Virtual Devices” in Android Studio) supports ExoPlayer provided the system image has an API level of at least 23. System images with earlier API levels do not support ExoPlayer. The level of support provided by third party emulators varies. If you find a third party emulator on which ExoPlayer fails, you should report this to the developer of the emulator rather than to the ExoPlayer team. Where possible, we recommend testing media applications on physical devices rather than emulators.