Android Plugin DSL Reference

Version 2.3.0


This is the DSL reference for Android Gradle Plugin.

Start reading by finding the right extension type for the plugin you are using, e.g. AppExtension.

Extension types

Listed below are the Gradle extension types used by respective plugins:


android extension for projects.


android extension for projects.


android extension for projects.

Configuration blocks

Listed below are the configuration blocks available within android

aaptOptions { }

Configures aapt options.

adbOptions { }

Configures adb options.

buildTypes { }

Configures build types.

compileOptions { }

Configures compile options.

dataBinding { }

Configures data binding options.

defaultConfig { }

The default configuration, inherited by all product flavors (if any are defined).

dexOptions { }

Configures dex options.

externalNativeBuild { }

Configures external native build options.

jacoco { }

Configures JaCoCo options.

lintOptions { }

Configures lint options.

packagingOptions { }

Configures packaging options.

productFlavors { }

Configures product flavors.

signingConfigs { }

Configures signing configs.

sourceSets { }

Configures source sets.

splits { }

Configures APK splits.

testOptions { }

Configures test options.