The AccessibilityChecks class allows you to use your existing test code to test for accessibility issues. As a View is acted upon in tests, checks from the accessibility test framework will be run automatically before proceeding. Simply import the class and add the following line of code to your setup methods annotated with @Before:


public class AccessibilityChecksIntegrationTest {
    public static void enableAccessibilityChecks() {

This will cause accessibility checks to run on a given view every time a ViewAction from the ViewActions class is used. To instead run these checks on all views in the hierarchy, use:


When first turning on checks, you may encounter a number of issues you may not be willing or able to deal with immediately. You can suppress these errors by setting a matcher for the results that you would like to suppress. Matchers for AccessibilityCheckResults are provided in AccessibilityCheckResultUtils in the accessibility test framework. For example, to suppress all errors for a view with id


For more advanced configuration of accessibility checking, see the AccessibilityValidator class in the accessibility test framework.