@blockly/plugin-serialize-disabled-interactions Built on Blockly

A Blockly plugin for the JSON serialization system that serializes blocks which are not deletable, movable, or editable.



yarn add @blockly/plugin-serialize-disabled-interactions


npm install @blockly/plugin-serialize-disabled-interactions --save


// Import plugin to get side effects.
import '@blockly/plugin-serialize-disabled-interactions';

// Information about which blocks are not deletable/movable/editable will
// automatically be included because of the above import.
var state = Blockly.serialization.workspace.save(myWorkspace);

The resultant JSON will look like this:

  "blocks": { /* block state */ },
  "disabledInteractions": {
    "notDeletable": [ /* block ids */ ],
    "notMovable": [ /* block ids */ ],
    "notEditable": [ /* block ids */ ],

All of the keys are optional. For example, if all of the blocks on the workspace are deletable, the 'notDeletable' key will be undefined. If all of the keys are undefined, then the 'disabledInteractions’ key is also undefined.

Migration Guide

This plugin was created because the old XML serialization system supported serializing these attributes, but the new JSON system does not. For more information about why this is, see this forum post.

Usually these values don’t need to be serialized. Instead you can just set these attributes in your block definition:

Blockly.Blocks['my_start_block'] = {
  init: function() {
    // Your normal init code...

However, sometimes you want a block type that is sometimes deletable/movable/editable and othertimes not. For example in Blockly Games they have blocks that start off as not-deletable, and then as you progress through levels they become deletable. This plugin faciliates that.

Suppose you have the following block defined in XML, and you would like to migrate to the JSON system (which is completely optional).

<block type="my_start_block" deletable="false" movable="false" editable="false"/>

You can either modify the 'my_start_block'’s definition (as specified above), or you can import this plugin and then change your JSON to look like the following:

import '@blockly/plugin-serialize-disabled-interactions';

const json = {
  'blocks': {
    'languageVersion': 0,
    'blocks': [
        'type': 'my_start_block',
        'id': 'start_block_id'
  'disabledInteractions': {
    'notDeletable': ['start_block_id'],
    'notMovable': ['start_block_id'],
    'notEditable': ['start_block_id']

Any questions about how this works can be directed to the forums.


Apache 2.0