Why Rust?

Some unique selling points of Rust:

  • Compile time memory safety.
  • Lack of undefined runtime behavior.
  • Modern language features.

Make sure to ask the class which languages they have experience with. Depending on the answer you can highlight different features of Rust:

  • Experience with C or C++: Rust eliminates a whole class of runtime errors via the borrow checker. You get performance like in C and C++, but you don’t have the memory unsafety issues. In addition, you get a modern language with constructs like pattern matching and built-in dependency management.

  • Experience with Java, Go, Python, JavaScript…: You get the same memory safety as in those languages, plus a similar high-level language feeling. In addition you get fast and predictable performance like C and C++ (no garbage collector) as well as access to low-level hardware (should you need it)