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The Ontology Validator allows you to extend the ontology and then validate it to make sure it is comform to guidelines.

Install requirements

First create a virtual env

Create the virutal environment with virtualenv followed by the environment name, in this example: tooling

virtualenv tooling

Activate the virtual environment

Mac OS / Linux:

source tooling/bin/activate



Install the validator

To install the requirements please run the following pip command:

  1. Run python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip to ensure that your Python package management tools are up-to-date.
  2. Run python3 -m pip install . from digitalbuildings/tools/validators/ontology_validator.

Yaml Validator

The validator source code can be found here.

The Validator is python based, it takes the following arguments:

The validator can be run as following: python3 -o=Users/foo/ontology/ or python3 --original=Users/foo/ontology/

Ontology Types extended

If you have extended the ontology by adding new types to your local ontology, run the following: python3 --input path/to/YOUR_BUILDING_CONFIG.yaml --modified-ontology-types path/to/modified/ontology/types/folder

When using a modified ontology, ensure you follow the folder-naming convention: digitalbuildings/ontology/yaml.

Note: as of the current development stage, you must clone the entire repository and run this ontology validator script from this directory.