An open source project by FPL.
Platform / Language / Feature support

FlatBuffers is actively being worked on, which means that certain platform / language / feature combinations may not be available yet.

This page tries to track those issues, to make informed decisions easier. In general:

  • Languages: language support beyond the ones created by the original FlatBuffer authors typically depends on community contributions.
  • Features: C++ was the first language supported, since our original target was high performance game development. It thus has the richest feature set, and is likely most robust. Other languages are catching up however.
  • Platforms: All language implementations are typically portable to most platforms, unless where noted otherwise.

NOTE: this table is a start, it needs to be extended.

Feature C++ Java C# Go Python JS TS C PHP Ruby
Codegen for all basic features Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes WiP WiP
JSON parsing Yes No No No No No No Yes No No
Simple mutation Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No No No
Reflection Yes No No No No No No Basic No No
Buffer verifier Yes No No No No No No Yes No No
Testing: basic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? ?
Testing: fuzz Yes No No Yes Yes No No No ? ?
Performance: Superb Great Great Great Ok ? ? Superb ? ?
Platform: Windows VS2010 Yes Yes ? ? ? Yes VS2010 ? ?
Platform: Linux GCC282 Yes ? Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? ?
Platform: OS X Xcode4 ? ? ? Yes ? Yes Yes ? ?
Platform: Android NDK10d Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Platform: iOS ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Engine: Unity ? ? Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Primary authors (github) gwvo gwvo ev*/js*rw rw evanw/ev* kr mik* ch* rw
  • ev = evolutional
  • js = jonsimantov
  • mik = mikkelfj
  • ch = chobie
  • kr = krojew