Contributing to google/google-api-python-client

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Contributor License Agreements

We'd love to accept your code patches! However, before we can take them, we have to jump a couple of legal hurdles.

Please fill out either the individual or corporate Contributor License Agreement.

Follow either of the two links above to access the appropriate CLA and instructions for how to sign and return it. Once we receive it, we'll add you to the official list of contributors and be able to accept your patches.

Before writing code, file an issue

Use the issue tracker to start the discussion. It is possible that someone else is already working on your idea, your approach is not quite right, or that the functionality exists already. The ticket you file in the issue tracker will be used to hash that all out.

Fork google/google-api-python-client

We will use github's mechanism for forking repositories and making pull requests. Fork the repository, and make your changes in the forked repository.

Match style, include tests, and update the documentation

google-api-python-client conforms to the Google Python Style Guide and your contribution should as well. Be sure to add the relevant tests before making the pull request. Additionally, use epydoc to update the documentation. This repository includes a make target docs that can be used for this process.

Follow these guidelines when authoring your commit.

Make the pull request

Once you have made all your changes, tests, and updated the documentation, make a pull request to move everything back into the main google/google-api-python-client repository. Be sure to reference the original issue in the pull request. Expect some back-and-forth with regards to style and compliance of these rules.