Interface PrivateElements

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    public interface PrivateElements
    extends Element
    A private collection of elements that are hidden from the enclosing injector or module by default. See PrivateModule for details.
    • Method Detail

      • getElements

        List<Element> getElements()
        Returns the configuration information in this private environment.
      • getInjector

        Injector getInjector()
        Returns the child injector that hosts these private elements, or null if the elements haven't been used to create an injector.
      • getExposedKeys

        Set<Key<?>> getExposedKeys()
        Returns the unique exposed keys for these private elements.
      • getExposedSource

        Object getExposedSource​(Key<?> key)
        Returns an arbitrary object containing information about the "place" where this key was exposed. Used by Guice in the production of descriptive error messages.

        Tools might specially handle types they know about; StackTraceElement is a good example. Tools should simply call toString() on the source object if the type is unfamiliar.

        key - one of the keys exposed by this module.