Interface TypeListener

  • public interface TypeListener
    Listens for Guice to encounter injectable types. If a given type has its constructor injected in one situation but only its methods and fields injected in another, Guice will notify this listener once.

    Useful for extra type checking, registering injection listeners, and binding method interceptors.

    • Method Detail

      • hear

        <I> void hear​(TypeLiteral<I> type,
                      TypeEncounter<I> encounter)
        Invoked when Guice encounters a new type eligible for constructor or members injection. Called during injector creation (or afterwards if Guice encounters a type at run time and creates a JIT binding).
        Type Parameters:
        I - the injectable type
        type - encountered by Guice
        encounter - context of this encounter, enables reporting errors, registering injection listeners and binding method interceptors for type.