Class SpringIntegration

  • public class SpringIntegration
    extends Object
    Integrates Guice with Spring.
    • Method Detail

      • fromSpring

        public static <T> Provider<T> fromSpring​(Class<T> type,
                                                 String name)
        Creates a provider which looks up objects from Spring using the given name. Expects a binding to BeanFactory. Example usage:
           .toProvider(fromSpring(DataSource.class, "dataSource"));
      • bindAll

        public static void bindAll​(Binder binder,
                                   org.springframework.beans.factory.ListableBeanFactory beanFactory)
        Binds all Spring beans from the given factory by name. For a Spring bean named "foo", this method creates a binding to the bean's type and @Named("foo").
        See Also:
        Named, Names.named(String)