Google Guice 7.0.1-SNAPSHOT API

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Package Description
Google Guice (pronounced "juice") is an ultra-lightweight dependency injection framework.
Extension for combining factory interfaces with injection; this extension requires guice-assistedinject.jar.
Interfaces which make up Binder's expression language.
JNDI integration; this extension requires guice-jndi.jar.
Used for matching things.
Extension for binding multiple instances in a collection; this extension requires guice-multibindings.jar.
Support for binding to string-based names.
Guice Persist: a lightweight persistence library for Guice; this extension requires guice-persist.jar.
Dynamic Finder API for Guice Persist.
guice-persist's Java Persistence API (JPA) support.
Servlet API scopes, bindings and registration; this extension requires guice-servlet.jar.
Guice service provider interface
Spring integration; this extension requires guice-spring.jar.
Extension for injecting objects that may throw at provision time; this extension requires guice-throwingproviders.jar.
JMX integration; this extension requires guice-jmx.jar.
Helper methods for working with Guice.