Web Latency Benchmark

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A new kind of browser benchmark

Web Latency Benchmark screenshot

The Web Latency Benchmark is a new kind of browser benchmark that measures your web browser's latency and jank using a combination of JavaScript and native code.

Latency and Jank

What are latency and jank, and why are they important?
Latency is a delay between input and response. Try dragging the two boxes below.

Drag me.
I have no added latency and I feel snappy.

Drag me.
I have 10 frames of added latency and I feel sluggish.

Jank refers to short interruptions in the middle of an animation or interaction.

Drag me.
I move smoothly because I am jank-free.

Drag me.
My movement is periodically interrupted by 10 frames of jank.

Every browser introduces some amount of latency and jank. Common browser benchmarks such as SunSpider or Octane measure raw JavaScript speed, but JavaScript is just one of many factors that contribute to latency and jank in a web browser. The Web Latency Benchmark is the first browser benchmark to measure latency and jank directly.

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