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MechaHamster is a game of guiding a futuristic hamster ball through dangerous levels, creating mazes with the built-in map editor, and sharing them with friends.

Can you guide Major Hammy D. Hamster through danger in one piece?

Downloading and Building

MechaHamster's source code is provided as a free, open-source project, available via GitHub.

Download the source code!

Instructions for building MechaHamster can be found in the Programmer's Guide.



MechaHamster is intended to serve as a demonstration, sample, and reference implementation for using the Firebase Unity SDK and Google VR SDK for Unity to add Firebase and Daydream technology to a game project.


MechaHamster is an open-source unity project that demonstrates implementation for:

Supported Platforms

MechaHamster has been tested on the following platforms:

The game is authored in Unity, and requires version 5.6.0b6.

Feedback and Reporting Bugs