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MechaHamster is a game where you guide a futuristic hamster ball through dangerous levels, create your own mazes with the built-in map editor and share them with friends.

Can you guide Major Hammy D. Hamster through danger in one piece?

Downloading and Building

MechaHamster's source code is provided as a free, open-source project, available via GitHub.

Download the source code!

Instructions for building MechaHamster can be found in the Programmer's Guide.

And download the game to your mobile device from the AppStore and Google Play Store

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MechaHamster is intended to serve as a demonstration, sample, and reference implementation for using the Firebase Unity SDK and Google VR SDK for Unity to add Firebase and Daydream technology to a game project.


MechaHamster is an open-source unity project that demonstrates implementation for:

Supported Platforms

MechaHamster has been tested on the following platforms:

The game is authored in Unity, and requires version 5.6.0b6.

Feedback and Reporting Bugs