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Quickly build web UIs in Python
Used at Google for rapid internal app development

Mesop is a Python-based UI framework that allows you to rapidly build web apps like demos and internal apps:

Easy to get started
Fast iteration
  • Hot reload so the browser automatically reloads and preserves state
  • Rich IDE support with strong type safety
Flexible & composable
  • Build custom UIs without writing Javascript/CSS/HTML
  • Compose your UI into components, which are just Python functions

See what you can build in less than 10 lines of code...

Check out how the above demo gallery was built in pure Mesop!

Try it


Try Mesop on Colab: Open In Colab


Step 1: Install it

$ pip install mesop

Step 2: Copy the example above into

Step 3: Run the app

$ mesop

Next Steps

Learn more in Getting Started.


This is not an officially supported Google product.