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C++ Reference: CP-SAT

Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAutomatonConstraintSpecialized automaton constraint
 CBoolVarA Boolean variable
 CCircuitConstraintSpecialized circuit constraint
 CConstraintA constraint
 CCpModelBuilderWrapper class around the cp_model proto
 CCumulativeConstraintSpecialized cumulative constraint
 CDoubleLinearExprA dedicated container for linear expressions with double coefficients
 CIntervalVarRepresents a Interval variable
 CIntVarAn integer variable
 CLinearExprA dedicated container for linear expressions
 CModelClass that owns everything related to a particular optimization model
 CMultipleCircuitConstraintSpecialized circuit constraint
 CNoOverlap2DConstraintSpecialized no_overlap2D constraint
 CReservoirConstraintSpecialized reservoir constraint
 CTableConstraintSpecialized assignment constraint
 CClosedIntervalRepresents a closed interval [start, end]
 CDomainWe call domain any subset of Int64 = [kint64min, kint64max]
 CDomainIteratorAllows to iterate over all values of a domain in order with for (const int64_t v : domain.Values()) { ... }
 CNestedTimeLimitProvides a way to nest time limits for algorithms where a certain part of the computation is bounded not just by the overall time limit, but also by a stricter time limit specific just for this particular part
 CSortedDisjointIntervalListThis class represents a sorted list of disjoint, closed intervals
 CTimeLimitA simple class to enforce both an elapsed time limit and a deterministic time limit in the same thread as a program