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Detailed Description

A specialized constant linear expression.

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Public Member Functions

 ConstantExpression (long offset)
LinearExpr build ()
 Builds a linear expression. More...
int numElements ()
 Returns the number of terms (excluding the constant one) in this expression. More...
int getVariableIndex (int index)
 Returns the index of the ith variable. More...
long getCoefficient (int index)
 Returns the ith coefficient. More...
long getOffset ()
 Returns the constant part of the expression. More...
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static LinearExprBuilder newBuilder ()
 Returns a builder. More...
static LinearExpr constant (long value)
 Shortcut for newBuilder().add(value).build() More...
static LinearExpr term (LinearArgument expr, long coeff)
 Shortcut for newBuilder().addTerm(expr, coeff).build() More...
static LinearExpr affine (LinearArgument expr, long coeff, long offset)
 Shortcut for newBuilder().addTerm(expr, coeff).add(offset).build() More...
static LinearExpr sum (LinearArgument[] exprs)
 Shortcut for newBuilder().addSum(exprs).build() More...
static LinearExpr weightedSum (LinearArgument[] exprs, long[] coeffs)
 Shortcut for newBuilder().addWeightedSum(exprs, coeffs).build() More...
static LinearExpr rebuildFromLinearExpressionProto (LinearExpressionProto proto)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConstantExpression()

ConstantExpression ( long  offset)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ affine()

static LinearExpr affine ( LinearArgument  expr,
long  coeff,
long  offset 

Shortcut for newBuilder().addTerm(expr, coeff).add(offset).build()

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◆ build()

LinearExpr build ( )

Builds a linear expression.

Implements LinearArgument.

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◆ constant()

static LinearExpr constant ( long  value)

Shortcut for newBuilder().add(value).build()

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◆ getCoefficient()

long getCoefficient ( int  index)

Returns the ith coefficient.

Implements LinearExpr.

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◆ getOffset()

long getOffset ( )

Returns the constant part of the expression.

Implements LinearExpr.

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◆ getVariableIndex()

int getVariableIndex ( int  index)

Returns the index of the ith variable.

Implements LinearExpr.

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◆ newBuilder()

static LinearExprBuilder newBuilder ( )

Returns a builder.

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◆ numElements()

int numElements ( )

Returns the number of terms (excluding the constant one) in this expression.

Implements LinearExpr.

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◆ rebuildFromLinearExpressionProto()

static LinearExpr rebuildFromLinearExpressionProto ( LinearExpressionProto  proto)

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◆ sum()

static LinearExpr sum ( LinearArgument[]  exprs)

Shortcut for newBuilder().addSum(exprs).build()

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◆ term()

static LinearExpr term ( LinearArgument  expr,
long  coeff 

Shortcut for newBuilder().addTerm(expr, coeff).build()

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◆ toString()

String toString ( )

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◆ weightedSum()

static LinearExpr weightedSum ( LinearArgument[]  exprs,
long[]  coeffs 

Shortcut for newBuilder().addWeightedSum(exprs, coeffs).build()

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