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Java Reference

Detailed Description

An interval variable.

This class must be constructed from the CpModel class.

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Public Member Functions

String toString ()
int getIndex ()
 Returns the index of the interval constraint in the model. More...
IntervalConstraintProto.Builder getBuilder ()
 Returns the interval builder. More...
String getName ()
 Returns the name passed in the constructor. More...
LinearExpr getStartExpr ()
 Returns the start expression. More...
LinearExpr getSizeExpr ()
 Returns the size expression. More...
LinearExpr getEndExpr ()
 Returns the end expression. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBuilder()

IntervalConstraintProto.Builder getBuilder ( )

Returns the interval builder.

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◆ getEndExpr()

LinearExpr getEndExpr ( )

Returns the end expression.

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◆ getIndex()

int getIndex ( )

Returns the index of the interval constraint in the model.

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◆ getName()

String getName ( )

Returns the name passed in the constructor.

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◆ getSizeExpr()

LinearExpr getSizeExpr ( )

Returns the size expression.

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◆ getStartExpr()

LinearExpr getStartExpr ( )

Returns the start expression.

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◆ toString()

String toString ( )

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