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Java Reference

Detailed Description

Builder class for the LinearExpr container.

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Public Member Functions

LinearExprBuilder add (LinearArgument expr)
LinearExprBuilder add (long constant)
LinearExprBuilder addTerm (LinearArgument expr, long coeff)
LinearExprBuilder addSum (LinearArgument[] exprs)
LinearExprBuilder addWeightedSum (LinearArgument[] exprs, long[] coeffs)
LinearExprBuilder addWeightedSum (LinearArgument[] exprs, int[] coeffs)
LinearExpr build ()
 Builds a linear expression. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ add() [1/2]

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◆ add() [2/2]

LinearExprBuilder add ( long  constant)

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◆ addSum()

LinearExprBuilder addSum ( LinearArgument[]  exprs)

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◆ addTerm()

LinearExprBuilder addTerm ( LinearArgument  expr,
long  coeff 

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◆ addWeightedSum() [1/2]

LinearExprBuilder addWeightedSum ( LinearArgument[]  exprs,
int[]  coeffs 

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◆ addWeightedSum() [2/2]

LinearExprBuilder addWeightedSum ( LinearArgument[]  exprs,
long[]  coeffs 

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◆ build()

LinearExpr build ( )

Builds a linear expression.

Implements LinearArgument.

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