Understand a test failure

The XUnit XML format was developed by the Ant project as part of their JUnit runner. The format includes a tree of test cases organized by test suite, and includes counts of test cases with each status, and the stack trace produced by test cases which failed or errored.

There is no official schema. There is an unofficial xsd schema available.

Support by producers

Many testing tools produce this format. It has been the de-facto industry standard for many years.

Support for consumers

rich-test-results includes a robust STaX parser for the XUnit XML format. The result is currently only represented as a protocol buffer. You may use it as a library, or as a standalone Java program.


$ export REPO=~/.m2/repository
$ java -cp $REPO/com/google/testing/results/results/0.1-SNAPSHOT/results-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar:$REPO/com/google/protobuf/protobuf-java/2.6.1/protobuf-java-2.6.1.jar:$REPO/com/google/guava/guava/17.0/guava-17.0.jar \ \
name: ""
elapsed_time_millis: 178
total_count: 11
failure_count: 0
error_count: 0
skipped_count: 1
property {
  name: ""
  value: "Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment"
[ ... ]