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addchart BigQuery Function

Add a custom function or table to a dataset.

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Specify the dataset, and the function or table will be added.
Pearson Significance Test: Check if a correlation is significant.
RGB To HSV: Convert color values for analysis.


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Age July 7, 2020 (2 years, 6 months)
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        "bigquery": {
            "auth": {
                "field": {
                    "name": "auth",
                    "kind": "authentication",
                    "order": 0,
                    "default": "service",
                    "description": "Credentials used for writing function."
            "function": {
                "field": {
                    "name": "function",
                    "kind": "choice",
                    "order": 1,
                    "choices": [
                        "Pearson Significance Test",
                        "RGB To HSV"
                    "default": "Pearson Significance Test",
                    "description": "Function or table to create."
            "to": {
                "dataset": {
                    "field": {
                        "name": "dataset",
                        "kind": "string",
                        "order": 1,
                        "default": "",
                        "description": "Existing BigQuery dataset."

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