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CM360 Bulkdozer Editor

Bulkdozer is a tool that can reduce trafficking time in Campaign Manager by up to 80%% by providing automated bulk editing capabilities.

CM360 Bulkdozer Editor Sample Screenshot

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Impact Level

Spend Optimization
Spend Growth
Time Savings
Account Health
Csat Improvement

Value Proposition

Reduce time to market of campaigns and provide the agility to respond quickly to changes.
Quality of campaigns increases as fewer manual steps lead to fewer errors, and the visualization that Bulkdozer provides is invaluable to validate and audit campaigns.
More efficiency means more time and resources available to focus on higher value tasks.
Leads to better media decisions and better ROAS.


Open the Bulkdozer feed.
Make your own copy of the feed by clicking the File -> Make a copy... menu in the feed.
Give it a meaninful name including the version, your name, and team to help you identify it and ensure you are using the correct version.
Under the Account ID field below, enter the your Campaign Manager Network ID.
Under Sheet URL, enter the URL of your copy of the feed that you just created in the steps above.
Go to the Store tab of your new feed, and enter your profile ID in the profileId field (cell B2). Your profile ID is visible in Campaign Manager by clicking your avatar on the top right corner.
Click the Save button below.
After clicking Save, copy this page's URL from your browser address bar, and paste it in the Store tab for the recipe_url field (cell B5) your sheet.
Bulkdozer is ready for use
Review the Bulkdozer documentation.


Open Source YES
Age April 3, 2018 (4 years, 9 months)
Manual Triggered on demand by user.
        "traffic": {
            "hour": [],
            "account_id": {
                "field": {
                    "name": "account_id",
                    "kind": "string",
                    "order": 1,
                    "description": "Campaign Manager Network ID (optional if profile id provided)",
                    "default": null
            "dcm_profile_id": {
                "field": {
                    "name": "dcm_profile_id",
                    "kind": "string",
                    "order": 1,
                    "description": "Campaign Manager Profile ID (optional if account id provided)",
                    "default": null
            "auth": "user",
            "sheet_url": {
                "field": {
                    "name": "sheet_url",
                    "kind": "string",
                    "order": 2,
                    "description": "Feed Sheet URL",
                    "default": ""
            "timezone": {
                "field": {
                    "name": "recipe_timezone",
                    "kind": "timezone",
                    "description": "Timezone for report dates.",
                    "default": "America/Chicago"

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