LiquidFun Paint
Create art that moves, shakes, and delights.
Building LiquidFun Paint and Running

LiquidFun Paint is powered by LiquidFun, an open source technology available at

Building for Android

Version Requirements

Following are the minimum required versions for the tools and libraries you need for building LiquidFun for Android:

Before Building


LiquidFun Paint uses Android NDK to build the native C/C++ component, and Apache Ant or Eclipse to build the Java component. It has an associated AndroidManifest.xml file, build.xml file and jni subdirectory. AndroidManifest.xml and build.xml contain details on how to build an Android package (apk). The AndroidManifest.xml file also informs the ndk-build tool that the jni subdirectory contains NDK makefiles.

For convenience, a build script has been included with the distribution to aid with commandline building.

To build on the commandline:

For example, to build the LiquidFun Paint unsigned apk:

cd liquidfunpaint/

You can then sign the apk with an appropriate key and dispatch it onto a device.

Before running

Running an application using Eclipse: