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b2IntrusiveListNode Class Reference

#include <b2IntrusiveList.h>

Public Member Functions

 b2IntrusiveListNode ()
 Initialize the node.
 ~b2IntrusiveListNode ()
 If the node is in a list, remove it from the list.
void InsertAfter (b2IntrusiveListNode *const node)
 Insert this node after the specified node.
void InsertBefore (b2IntrusiveListNode *const node)
 Insert this node before the specified node.
const b2IntrusiveListNodeGetTerminator () const
 Get the terminator of the list.
b2IntrusiveListNodeRemove ()
 Remove this node from the list it's currently in.
bool IsEmpty () const
 Determine whether this list is empty or the node isn't in a list.
bool InList () const
 Determine whether this node is in a list or the list contains nodes.
uint32 GetLength () const
 Calculate the length of the list.
b2IntrusiveListNodeGetNext () const
 Get the next node in the list.
b2IntrusiveListNodeGetPrevious () const
 Get the previous node in the list.
bool ValidateList () const
bool FindNodeInList (b2IntrusiveListNode *const nodeToFind) const
 Determine whether the specified node is present in this list.

Detailed Description

b2IntrusiveListNode is used to implement an intrusive doubly-linked list.

For example:

class MyClass { public: MyClass(const char <em>msg) : m_msg(msg) {} const char GetMessage() const { return m_msg; } B2_INTRUSIVE_LIST_GET_NODE(m_node); B2_INTRUSIVE_LIST_NODE_GET_CLASS(MyClass, m_node); private: b2IntrusiveListNode m_node; const char *m_msg; };

int main(int argc, char <em>argv[]) { b2IntrusiveListNode list; // NOTE: type is NOT MyClass MyClass a("this"); MyClass b("is"); MyClass c("a"); MyClass d("test"); list.InsertBefore(a.GetListNode()); list.InsertBefore(b.GetListNode()); list.InsertBefore(c.GetListNode()); list.InsertBefore(d.GetListNode()); for (b2IntrusiveListNode node = list.GetNext(); node != list.GetTerminator(); node = node->GetNext()) { MyClass *cls = MyClass::GetInstanceFromListNode(node); printf("%s\n", cls->GetMessage()); } return 0; }

Member Function Documentation

bool b2IntrusiveListNode::ValidateList ( ) const

If B2_INTRUSIVE_LIST_VALIDATE is 1 perform a very rough validation of all nodes in the list.

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