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b2VoronoiDiagram Class Reference

A field representing the nearest generator from each point. More...

#include <b2VoronoiDiagram.h>


class  NodeCallback
 Callback used by GetNodes(). More...

Public Member Functions

 b2VoronoiDiagram (b2StackAllocator *allocator, int32 generatorCapacity)
void AddGenerator (const b2Vec2 &center, int32 tag, bool necessary)
void Generate (float32 radius, float32 margin)
void GetNodes (NodeCallback &callback) const

Detailed Description

A field representing the nearest generator from each point.

Member Function Documentation

void b2VoronoiDiagram::AddGenerator ( const b2Vec2 center,
int32  tag,
bool  necessary 

Add a generator.

theposition of the generator.
atag used to identify the generator in callback functions.
whetherto callback for nodes associated with the generator.
void b2VoronoiDiagram::Generate ( float32  radius,
float32  margin 

Generate the Voronoi diagram. It is rasterized with a given interval in the same range as the necessary generators exist.

theinterval of the diagram.
marginfor which the range of the diagram is extended.
void b2VoronoiDiagram::GetNodes ( NodeCallback callback) const

Enumerate all nodes that contain at least one necessary generator.

acallback function object called for each node.

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