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b2ParticleDef Struct Reference

#include <b2Particle.h>

Public Attributes

uint32 flags
 Specifies the type of particle (see b2ParticleFlag). More...
b2Vec2 position
 The world position of the particle.
b2Vec2 velocity
 The linear velocity of the particle in world co-ordinates.
b2ParticleColor color
 The color of the particle.
float32 lifetime
void * userData
 Use this to store application-specific body data.
 An existing particle group to which the particle will be added.

Detailed Description

A particle definition holds all the data needed to construct a particle. You can safely re-use these definitions.

Member Data Documentation

uint32 b2ParticleDef::flags

Specifies the type of particle (see b2ParticleFlag).

A particle may be more than one type. Multiple types are chained by logical sums, for example: pd.flags = b2_elasticParticle | b2_viscousParticle

float32 b2ParticleDef::lifetime

Lifetime of the particle in seconds. A value <= 0.0f indicates a particle with infinite lifetime.

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