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b2ParticleSystemDef Struct Reference

Public Attributes

bool strictContactCheck
float32 density
float32 gravityScale
float32 radius
 Particles behave as circles with this radius. In Box2D units.
int32 maxCount
float32 pressureStrength
float32 dampingStrength
float32 elasticStrength
float32 springStrength
float32 viscousStrength
float32 surfaceTensionPressureStrength
float32 surfaceTensionNormalStrength
float32 repulsiveStrength
float32 powderStrength
float32 ejectionStrength
float32 staticPressureStrength
float32 staticPressureRelaxation
int32 staticPressureIterations
float32 colorMixingStrength
bool destroyByAge
float32 lifetimeGranularity

Member Data Documentation

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::colorMixingStrength

Determines how fast colors are mixed 1.0f ==> mixed immediately 0.5f ==> mixed half way each simulation step (see b2World::Step())

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::dampingStrength

Reduces velocity along the collision normal Smaller value reduces less

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::density

Set the particle density. See SetDensity for details.

bool b2ParticleSystemDef::destroyByAge

Whether to destroy particles by age when no more particles can be created. See b2ParticleSystem::SetDestructionByAge() for more information.

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::ejectionStrength

Pushes particles out of solid particle group Larger values repulse more

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::elasticStrength

Restores shape of elastic particle groups Larger values increase elastic particle velocity

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::gravityScale

Change the particle gravity scale. Adjusts the effect of the global gravity vector on particles. Default value is 1.0f.

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::lifetimeGranularity

Granularity of particle lifetimes in seconds. By default this is set to (1.0f / 60.0f) seconds. b2ParticleSystem uses a 32-bit signed value to track particle lifetimes so the maximum lifetime of a particle is (2^32 - 1) / (1.0f / lifetimeGranularity) seconds. With the value set to 1/60 the maximum lifetime or age of a particle is 2.27 years.

int32 b2ParticleSystemDef::maxCount

Set the maximum number of particles. By default, there is no maximum. The particle buffers can continue to grow while b2World's block allocator still has memory. See SetMaxParticleCount for details.

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::powderStrength

Produces repulsion between powder particles Larger values repulse more

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::pressureStrength

Increases pressure in response to compression Smaller values allow more compression

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::repulsiveStrength

Produces additional pressure on repulsive particles Larger values repulse more Negative values mean attraction. The range where particles behave stably is about -0.2 to 2.0.

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::springStrength

Restores length of spring particle groups Larger values increase spring particle velocity

int32 b2ParticleSystemDef::staticPressureIterations

Computes static pressure more precisely See SetStaticPressureIterations for details

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::staticPressureRelaxation

Reduces instability in static pressure calculation Larger values make stabilize static pressure with fewer iterations

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::staticPressureStrength

Produces static pressure Larger values increase the pressure on neighboring partilces For a description of static pressure, see

bool b2ParticleSystemDef::strictContactCheck

Enable strict Particle/Body contact check. See SetStrictContactCheck for details.

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::surfaceTensionNormalStrength

Smoothes outline of tensile particles 0~0.2. Larger values result in rounder, smoother, water-drop-like clusters of particles.

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::surfaceTensionPressureStrength

Produces pressure on tensile particles 0~0.2. Larger values increase the amount of surface tension.

float32 b2ParticleSystemDef::viscousStrength

Reduces relative velocity of viscous particles Larger values slow down viscous particles more

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