Pie Noon
An open source project by FPL.
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Players control cardboard cutout characters on sticks arranged roughly in a circle as part of a cardboard diorama.

To win a match, each player must try to cover their opponents with as much pie filling as possible. When a player is covered with too much filling they're knocked out of the match. The last player in the match is the winner.

To cover others with pie filling, players need to throw and successfully land pies on their opponents. It sounds simple but pies are not all made equal, the longer a player waits to throw a pie the larger it will grow resulting in more pie filling covering an opponent. Players aren't entirely defenseless, it's possible to block incoming pies and deflect them towards other players. While blocking an incoming pie is deflected in the player's aim direction.


Linux/OS X/Windows

Action Player 1 Key Player 2 Key Player 3 Key Player 4 Key
Aim Left a j cursor left numpad 4
Aim Right d l cursor right numpad 6
Throw w i cursor up numpad 8
Block s k cursor down numpad 5



Android TV supports multiple gamepads. When your gamepad is paired with the TV, you can enter the game during the pre-game countdown by pressing any button.

Action Gamepad Button
Aim Left left
Aim Right right
Throw A
Block B

Android TV Remote Control

Android TV supports a virtual controller called the Android TV Remote Control. You can install it from the app store to play Pie Noon using any Android phone or tablet.

Action Remote Control Button
Aim Left left
Aim Right right
Throw up
Block down


The touchscreen has virtual buttons for aiming left and right on the bottom left and right sides of the screen. The button for throw is at the top, and the button for block is at the bottom.