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A Listener is like a person's head. It represents a point in space that listens for positional audio. The closer the Listener is to audio, the louder it gets. When positional audio is playing, the volume of the audio depends only on its distance from the nearest Listener. If there are no active Listeners, then all positional audio will be silent.

Listeners are allocated during the AudioEngine's initialization. The total number of Listeners are specified by the AudioConfig.

You can create a Listener like so:

Listener listener = audio_engine_.AddListener();

Once you have a Listener, you can set it's location with SetLocation(). The location of the Listener can be updated as often as is necessary.


When a Listener is no longer needed it can be removed like so:


In our initial release, Listener orientation is not supported. We hope to add this in a release in the near future.