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Pindrop can be downloaded from GitHub or the releases page.

git clone --recursive

Important Classes

The Pindrop API contains the following important classes:

  • AudioEngine - The engine that manages the audio channels.
  • Channel - An object that tracks the state of a single stream or sample.
  • Listener - A positional object which determines the volume of a sound.

As well as these important schemas:

Pindrop is built on top of SDL, a low-level cross platform library. SDL abstracts input, file loading, threading, system events, logging, and other systems from the underlying operating system.

Source Layout

The following bullets describe the directory structure of the library.

Path Description
pindrop base directory Project build files and run script.
assets Assets loaded by the sample project.
jni The android makefile for the library.
schemas Schemas for FlatBuffers data.
scripts Various utility scripts.
src The library's source.
samples Source for a sample project.
samples/rawdata JSON FlatBuffers data for the sample.