Plugins are NPM packages that extend or modify Blockly's functionality and can be included in any Blockly-based project.


Field plugins add new kinds of fields that can be incorporated into custom blocks, allowing your users to enter information in different ways. Learn more about how to create and customize fields.


These plugins provide new types of blocks or modify the behavior of existing ones. Learn more about creating custom blocks.


These plugins add new features and functionality to the Blockly workspace.


A plugin that adds a lets users store block stacks in a "backpack" for later retrieval and reuse.


A plugin that adds a minimap to the workspace for improved navigation and organization.

Zoom to Fit

A plugin that adds a zoom-to-fit control to the workspace that will adjust the zoom level to show all blocks.

Workspace Search

A plugin that adds a search field to the workspace and highlights matching blocks as the user types.

Content Highlight

A plugin that draws a bounding box around all of the blocks in the workspace.

Scroll Options

A plugin that adds support for automatically scrolling the workspace when blocks are dragged to the edge and for scrolling while dragging a block.

Fixed Edges

A plugin that provides a MetricsManager that can be used to prevent workspace expansion in certain directions.

Modal Dialog

A plugin that allows you to display a modal dialog atop the workspace.

Keyboard Navigation

A plugin that allows users to manipulate and connect blocks using a keyboard-driven cursor.

Shadow Block Converter

A plugin that converts shadow blocks to normal blocks when they are edited.

Disable Top Blocks

A plugin that hides the 'Enable' context menu option for orphan blocks. Works with the Blockly.Events.disableOrphans change listener in core.

Cross-Tab Copy & Paste

A plugin allows copying and pasting blocks between Blockly workspaces in separate tabs or windows.


A third-party plugin that allows selecting and manipulating multiple block stacks at once.


These plugins add new features and functionality to the Blockly toolbox. Learn more about customizing the toolbox.


Themes let you customize the visual appearance of Blockly. Learn more about creating custom themes.


These self-contained example projects demonstrate techniques to include and extend the Blockly library.