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We provide two disjoint sets of 10k and 100k random cartoons, which can be downloaded here:

The cartoon images are named csX.png, where X is a hash computed from the cartoon's attribute configuration.

Each cartoon image has an accompanying csX.csv file that lists the attributes for that cartoon. Each line in the attribute file contains the attribute name, the index of the selected variant, and the total number of variants for that attribute, for example:

      "face_shape", 4, 7
      "facial_hair", 14, 15
      "hair", 29, 111
      "eye_color", 2, 5
This data is licensed by Google LLC under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Dataset Design

Each cartoon face in these sets is composed of 16 components that vary in 10 artwork attributes, 4 color attributes, and 4 proportion attributes. Colors are chosen from a discrete set of RGB values. The number of options per attribute category ranges from 3, for short/medium/long chin length, to 111, for the largest category, hairstyle. See below for a description of each attribute.

Each of these components and their variation were drawn by the same artist, Shiraz Fuman, resulting in approximately 250 cartoon component artworks and ~1013 possible combinations. The artwork components are divided into a fixed set of layers that define a Z-ordering for rendering. For instance, the face shape is defined on a layer below the eyes and glasses, so that the artworks are rendered in the correct order. Hair style is a more complex case and needs to be defined on two layers, one behind the face and one in front. There are 8 total layers: hair back, face, hair front, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, facial hair, and glasses.

The mapping from attribute to artwork is also defined by the artist such that any random selection of attributes produces a visually appealing cartoon without any misaligned artwork; this sometimes involves handling interaction between attributes. For example, the proper way to display a “short beard” changes for different face shapes, which required the artist to create a “short beard” artwork for each face shape.

List of Attributes

# VariantsDescription
chin_length3Length of chin (below mouth region)
eye_angle3Tilt of the eye inwards or outwards
eye_lashes2Whether or not eyelashes are visible
eye_lid2Appearance of the eyelids
eyebrow_shape14Shape of eyebrows
eyebrow_weight2Line weight of eyebrows
face_shape7Overall shape of the face
facial_hair15Type of facial hair (type 14 is no hair)
glasses12Type of glasses (type 11 is no glasses)
hair111Type of head hair
eye_color5Color of the eye irises
face_color11Color of the face skin
glasses_color7Color of the glasses, if present
hair_color10Color of the hair, facial hair, and eyebrows
eye_eyebrow_distance3Distance between the eye and eyebrows
eye_slant3Similar to eye_angle, but rotates the eye and does not change artwork
eyebrow_thickness4Vertical scaling of the eyebrows
eyebrow_width3Horizontal scaling of the eyebrows
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