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oNcorgiNamespace for CORGI library
||oCAnimationDataThe Component data structure that corresponds to each Entity that is registered with the AnimationComponent. It contains all the information for each Entity's animation
||oCAnimationComponentA Component that provides an elegant way to handle Entity animation by interacting with the Motive animation library
||oCCommonServicesDataHolds the data that Components need (e.g. the input system, renderer, etc.)
||oCCommonServicesComponentThis is a unique Component, as no Entities will register with it and it contains no per-entity data. Its use is to provide a central location for other Components to easily access game services and managers (since Components themselves do not have direct access to the game state, but do have access to other Components)
||oCDefaultEntityFactoryImplementations of DefaultEntityFactory can be found in
||oCEntityFactoryAn EntityFactory builds Entities based on prototypes, using FlatBuffers to specify the raw data for Entities
||oCSerializableGraphStateContains the graph state information, as well as the filename for serialization
||oCGraphDataContains the data for each Entity registered with the GraphComponent
||oCGraphComponentManages the event graphs for any Entity that wishes to utilize the event system
||oCMetaDataHolds specific metadata for an Entity
||oCMetaComponentA Component used to track the metadata about the Entities themselves
||oCRenderMeshDataThe per-Entity mesh and shader data
||oCRenderlistEntryStruct used for keeping track of and sorting our render lists
||oCRenderMeshComponentA Component that handles the rendering of each Entities mesh that is registered with this Component
||oCTransformDataHolds all transform data for Entities, such as position, scale, and orientation
||\CTransformComponentA Component that handles the transformations for every Entity that registers with it
|oCComponentA Component is an object that encapsulates all data and logic for Entities of a particular type
||\CComponentDataA structure of data that is associated with each Entity
|oCComponentIdLookupA templated struct for holding type-dependent data
|oCComponentInterfaceAn interface that provides basic Component functionality. All Components will inherit from this class. It provides the minimum set of things that are uniform across all Components (without needing to know the specific type of Component that it is)
|oCEntityThe basic Entity class for CORGI. It contains an array of index values, which are used by Components for tracking their data associated with an Entity. It also contains a boolean for tracking if this Entity has been marked for deletion
|oCEntityManagerThe EntityManager is the code that manages all Entities and Components in the game. Normally the game will instantiate EntityManager, and then use it to create and control all of its Entities
|oCEntityFactoryInterfaceAn interface for an Entity factory, which creates Entities for a given EntityManager
|oCVectorPoolA pool allocator, implemented as a vector-based pair of linked lists
||oCIteratorTemplateAn Iterator for the VectorPool
||oCVectorPoolElementA struct representing an element inside of a VectorPool
||\CVectorPoolReferenceA reference object for pointing into the vector pool. It acts as a pointer for vector pool elements and can be queried to check if it has become invalid. (i.e. If the element it pointed at has either been deallocated, or replaced with a new element)
|\CCameraInterfaceAn interface for 3D cameras, allowing them to have position, facing field of view, etc. Libraries can use this to pass around generic cameras that the game itself can implement the logic for
oNmotiveNamespace for Motive library
oCCollisionDataData describing which Entities were involed in a collision and where
oCPhysicsComponentThe Component that manages the physics for every Entity that registers with it
oCPhysicsDataData for scene object Components
\CRigidBodyDataData describing a single Bullet rigid body shape