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FlatUI Version 1.1.0

Welcome to FlatUI!

FlatUI is a immediate mode C++ GUI library for games and graphical applications. Go to our landing page to browse our documentation.

FlatUI aims to be a simple, efficient and easy to use way to add menus, HUDs and any kind of other UI to your game or graphical application, and provide unicode & i18n aware font-rendering. FlatUI can be built for many different systems (Android, Windows, OS X, Linux), see docs/html/index.html.

FlatUI integrates with our other game development libraries, primarily FPLBase.

Discuss FlatUI with other developers and users on the FlatUI Google Group. File issues on the FlatUI Issues Tracker or post your questions to stackoverflow.com with a mention of flatui.

Important: FlatUI uses submodules to reference other components it depends upon so download the source using:

git clone --recursive https://github.com/google/flatui.git

Changes: Please see ./release_notes.md "the release notes" for a list of changes.

For applications on Google Play that integrate this tool, usage is tracked. This tracking is done automatically using the embedded version string (FlatUiVersion), and helps us continue to optimize it. Aside from consuming a few extra bytes in your application binary, it shouldn't affect your application at all. We use this information to let us know if FlatUI is useful and if we should continue to invest in it. Since this is open source, you are free to remove the version string but we would appreciate if you would leave it in.