A tool for automating the installation of the Microsoft Windows operating system on various device platforms.

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Glazier Installer Policies

Policy modules determine whether or not Autobuild should be allowed to proceed with an installation.


Each module should inherit from BasePolicy, and will receive a BuildInfo instance (self._build_info).

If a policy fails, the module should raise ImagingPolicyException with a message explaining the cause of failure. This will abort the build.

If a policy causes a warning, the module should raise ImagingPolicyWarning. This will not abort the build, but may present the warning to the user.



BIOSVersion checks whether the local bios version is a supported. If the device is not fully supported (lower than a given version), the build fails.


DeviceModel checks whether the local device is a supported hardware model. If the device is not fully supported (outside tier1), the user is prompted whether or not to abort the build.


DiskEncryption checks whether encryption is required of the host, and if so, whether the host is capable of encryption (TPM is present).


UnsupportedOS checks whether the operating system is supported.