Class ConfigurationException

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    public final class ConfigurationException
    extends RuntimeException
    Thrown when a programming error such as a misplaced annotation, illegal binding, or unsupported scope is found. Clients should catch this exception, log it, and stop execution.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ConfigurationException

        public ConfigurationException​(Iterable<Message> messages)
        Creates a ConfigurationException containing messages.
    • Method Detail

      • withPartialValue

        public ConfigurationException withPartialValue​(Object partialValue)
        Returns a copy of this configuration exception with the specified partial value.
      • getErrorMessages

        public Collection<Message> getErrorMessages()
        Returns messages for the errors that caused this exception.
      • getPartialValue

        public <E> E getPartialValue()
        Returns a value that was only partially computed due to this exception. The caller can use this while collecting additional configuration problems.
        the partial value, or null if none was set. The type of the partial value is specified by the throwing method.