Class JpaPersistModule

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    public final class JpaPersistModule
    extends PersistModule
    JPA provider for guice persist.
    • Constructor Detail

      • JpaPersistModule

        public JpaPersistModule​(String jpaUnit)
    • Method Detail

      • properties

        public JpaPersistModule properties​(Map<?,​?> properties)
        Configures the JPA persistence provider with a set of properties.
        properties - A set of name value pairs that configure a JPA persistence provider as per the specification.
        4.0 (since 3.0 with a parameter type of java.util.Properties)
      • addFinder

        public <T> JpaPersistModule addFinder​(Class<T> iface)
        Adds an interface to this module to use as a dynamic finder.
        iface - Any interface type whose methods are all dynamic finders.