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Storage Interactions

modernstorage-storage is a library abstracting storage interactions on Android using the library Okio. It relies on its FileSystem API, which provides a set of methods to read and write files.

Instead of opening an InputStream or OutputStream and relies on different APIs to get file metadata for MediaStore and Storage Access Framework DocumentProvider, this library takes Uri (changed to Path to make it work with Okio) as an input for all its methods to read and write files but also get metadata.

Add dependency to project

modernstorage-storage is available on mavenCentral().

// build.gradle

// modernstorage-storage requires Okio 3.x.x as a dependency

API reference

modernstorage-storage API reference is available here.

Initialize before usage

To interact with the FileSystem API, you need to initialize an instance first:


val fileSystem = AndroidFileSystem(context)

Get Path from Uri

Call toOkioPath to get a Path from a Uri:

val path = uri.toOkioPath()

Get Path from File

Call toOkioPath to get a Path from a File:

val path = File(context.filesDir, "myfile.jpg").toOkioPath()

Copy a file

You can easily copy a file to another location by using the copy method:

fileSystem.copy(originPath, targetPath)

Get file metadata

You can get the file size by using the method metadataOrNull:


val fileMetadata = fileSystem.metadataOrNull(uri.toOkioPath())
Log.d("ModernStorage/uri", uri.toString())
Log.d("ModernStorage/isRegularFile", metadata.isRegularFile.toString())
Log.d("ModernStorage/isDirectory", metadata.isDirectory.toString())
Log.d("ModernStorage/size", metadata.size.toString())
Log.d("ModernStorage/lastModifiedAtMillis", metadata.lastModifiedAtMillis.toString())
Log.d("ModernStorage/displayName", metadata.extra(DisplayName::class).value)
Log.d("ModernStorage/mimeType", metadata.extra(MimeType::class).value)

Read a Text file Uri from the Storage Access Framework

 * We register first an ActivityResult handler for Intent.ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT
 * Read more about ActivityResult here:
val actionOpenTextFile = registerForActivityResult(OpenDocument()) { uri ->
    if(uri != null) {
        // textPath is an instance of okio.Path
        val textPath = uri.toOkioPath()
        Log.d("ModernStorage/metadata", fileSystem.metadataOrNull(textPath).toString())
        Log.d("ModernStorage/content", fileSystem.source(textPath).buffer().readUtf8())

// Open file picker