A library for creating real-time audio apps on Android
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oboe::Version Struct Reference

#include <Version.h>

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr uint8_t Major = OBOE_VERSION_MAJOR
static constexpr uint8_t Minor = OBOE_VERSION_MINOR
static constexpr uint16_t Patch = OBOE_VERSION_PATCH
static constexpr const charText = OBOE_VERSION_TEXT
static constexpr uint32_t Number = OBOE_VERSION_NUMBER

Detailed Description

Oboe versioning object

Member Data Documentation

◆ Major

constexpr uint8_t oboe::Version::Major = OBOE_VERSION_MAJOR

This is incremented when we make breaking API changes. Based loosely on https://semver.org/.

◆ Minor

constexpr uint8_t oboe::Version::Minor = OBOE_VERSION_MINOR

This is incremented when we add backwards compatible functionality. Or set to zero when MAJOR is incremented.

◆ Number

constexpr uint32_t oboe::Version::Number = OBOE_VERSION_NUMBER

Integer representation of the current Oboe library version. This will always increase when the version number changes so can be compared using integer comparison.

◆ Patch

constexpr uint16_t oboe::Version::Patch = OBOE_VERSION_PATCH

This is incremented when we make backwards compatible bug fixes. Or set to zero when MINOR is incremented.

◆ Text

constexpr const char* oboe::Version::Text = OBOE_VERSION_TEXT

Version string in the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.

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