LiquidFun Paint
Create art that moves, shakes, and delights.
LiquidFun Paint Documentation

LiquidFun Paint Version 1.0


Liquid paint

LiquidFun Paint is a creative application created to demonstrate the use of LiquidFun, an open source technology that provides developers with a liquid particle system and physics simulation.

You can find out more about LiquidFun at

LiquidFun Paint lets users create with three drawing tools:

Start playing and see what you can create!


Releases of LiquidFun Paint are available for download from the Google Play Store.

LiquidFun Paint source code is available for download from


LiquidFun Paint's documentation consists of Build Instructions and Programmer's Guide.

Discuss LiquidFun Paint with other developers and users on the LiquidFun Paint Google Group. File issues on the LiquidFun Paint Issues Tracker or post your questions to with a mention of liquidfun paint.


The usage of LiquidFun Paint is not tracked. However, the usage of the LiquidFun library is tracked by default, though you can remove the tracking if you wish. Please refer to the LiquidFun Readme for more details.