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buildutil contains a set of Python modules which can simplify the process of automating builds of C/C++ applications for Android and Linux.

Many builds require the following steps to be performed:

  • Configuration
  • Build
  • Archive of artifacts

Some build environments - like autoconf, automake and make - require each of these steps to be executed manually, others - like CMake - perform the configuration step and generate scripts that are executed as part of another build environment. Artifact collection can be part of the build scripts (e.g make install) or part of the continuous automation system depending upon the build environment.

buildutil provides a set of modules that simplify the process of writing continuous automation scripts that use CMake to support Linux, OSX and Windows in addition to Ant and NDK Build for Android. This allows developers to write cross-platform turnkey scripts that are trivial to execute from a continuous automation system like Jenkins, Buildbot, Travis-CI etc.

In order to use this module, all prerequisites should be installed.

For more information about this module see the following: