BindingEdge<K> Interface for an edge that connects an interface to the type or instance that is bound to implement it. 
BindingEdge.Factory<K, T extends BindingEdge<K>> Factory interface for BindingEdges. 
DependencyEdge<K> Interface for an edge from a class or InjectionPoint to the interface node that will satisfy the dependency. 
DependencyEdge.Factory<K, T extends DependencyEdge<K>> Factory interface for DependencyEdges. 
ImplementationNode<K> Node for classes and instances that have Dependencys and are bound to InterfaceNodes. 
ImplementationNode.Factory<K, T extends ImplementationNode<K>> Factory interface for ImplementationNodes. 
InterfaceNode<K> Node for an interface class that has been bound to an implementation class or instance. 
InterfaceNode.Factory<K, T extends InterfaceNode<K>> Factory interface for InterfaceNodes. 
NameFactory Interface for a service that provides nice Strings that we can display in the graph for the types that come up in Bindings. 
NodeAliasFactory<K> Factory for aliasing one node ID to another. 
NodeIdFactory<K> Factory for abstract identifiers for elements on the graph. 
Renderer Interface for the service that renders the graph. 


GrapherModule Module for the common bindings for InjectorGrapher
GraphingVisitor<K, N extends InterfaceNode<K>, M extends ImplementationNode<K>, B extends BindingEdge<K>, D extends DependencyEdge<K>> BindingTargetVisitor that adds nodes and edges to the graph based on the visited Binding
InjectorGrapher Root class for graphing an Injector
ShortNameFactory Reasonable implementation for NameFactory
StringNodeIdFactory IdFactory implementation that for String node IDs. 
TransitiveDependencyVisitor BindingTargetVisitor that returns a Collection of the Keys of each Binding's dependencies. 


BindingEdge.Type Classification for what kind of binding this edge represents.