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Guice service provider interface


BindingScopingVisitor<V> Visits each of the strategies used to scope an injection. 
BindingTargetVisitor<T, V> Visits each of the strategies used to find an instance to satisfy an injection. 
ConstructorBinding<T> A binding to the constructor of a concrete clss. 
ConvertedConstantBinding<T> A binding created from converting a bound instance to a new type. 
Element A core component of a module or injector. 
ElementVisitor<V> Visit elements. 
ExposedBinding<T> A binding to a key exposed from an enclosed private environment. 
HasDependencies Implemented by bindings, providers and instances that expose their dependencies explicitly. 
InjectionListener<I> Listens for injections into instances of type I
InstanceBinding<T> A binding to a single instance. 
LinkedKeyBinding<T> A binding to a linked key. 
PrivateElements A private collection of elements that are hidden from the enclosing injector or module by default. 
ProviderBinding<T extends Provider<?>> A binding to a Provider that delegates to the binding for the provided type. 
ProviderInstanceBinding<T> A binding to a provider instance. 
ProviderKeyBinding<T> A binding to a provider key. 
ProviderWithDependencies<T> A provider with dependencies on other injected types. 
ProviderWithExtensionVisitor<T> A Provider that is part of an extension which supports a custom BindingTargetVisitor. 
TypeConverter Converts constant string values to a different type. 
TypeEncounter<I> Context of an injectable type encounter. 
TypeListener Listens for Guice to encounter injectable types. 
UntargettedBinding<T> An untargetted binding. 


DefaultBindingScopingVisitor<V> No-op visitor for subclassing. 
DefaultBindingTargetVisitor<T, V> No-op visitor for subclassing. 
DefaultElementVisitor<V> No-op visitor for subclassing. 
Dependency<T> A variable that can be resolved by an injector. 
DisableCircularProxiesOption A request to disable circular proxies. 
Elements Exposes elements of a module so they can be inspected, validated or rewritten
InjectionPoint A constructor, field or method that can receive injections. 
InjectionRequest<T> A request to inject the instance fields and methods of an instance. 
InterceptorBinding Registration of interceptors for matching methods of matching classes. 
MembersInjectorLookup<T> A lookup of the members injector for a type. 
Message An error message and the context in which it occured. 
ProviderLookup<T> A lookup of the provider for a type. 
RequireExplicitBindingsOption A request to require explicit bindings. 
ScopeBinding Registration of a scope annotation with the scope that implements it. 
StaticInjectionRequest A request to inject the static fields and methods of a type. 
TypeConverterBinding Registration of type converters for matching target types. 
TypeListenerBinding Binds types (picked using a Matcher) to an type listener.