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Added Classes and Interfaces
DependencyAndSource A combination of a Dependency and the source where the dependency was bound.
ElementSource Contains information about where and how an element was bound.
ModuleAnnotatedMethodScanner Allows extensions to scan modules for annotated methods and bind those methods as providers, similar to {@code @Provides} methods.
ModuleAnnotatedMethodScannerBinding Represents a call to Binder.scanModulesForAnnotatedMethods in a module.
ProvidesMethodBinding An {@literal @}Provides binding or binding produced by a ModuleAnnotatedMethodScanner.
ProvidesMethodTargetVisitor A visitor for the {@literal @}Provides bindings.
ProvisionListener Listens for provisioning of objects.
ProvisionListener.ProvisionInvocation Encapsulates a single act of provisioning.
ProvisionListenerBinding Binds keys (picked using a Matcher) to a provision listener.
RequireAtInjectOnConstructorsOption A request to require explicit {@literal @}Inject annotations on constructors.
RequireExactBindingAnnotationsOption A request to require exact binding annotations.

Changed Classes and Interfaces
BindingScopingVisitor Visits each of the strategies used to scope an injection.
BindingTargetVisitor Visits each of the strategies used to find an instance to satisfy an injection.
ConstructorBinding A binding to the constructor of a concrete clss.
ConvertedConstantBinding A binding created from converting a bound instance to a new type.
DefaultElementVisitor No-op visitor for subclassing.
Element A core component of a module or injector.
ElementVisitor Visit elements.
ExposedBinding A binding to a key exposed from an enclosed private environment.
HasDependencies Implemented by bindings, providers and instances that expose their dependencies explicitly.
InjectionListener Listens for injections into instances of type {@code I}.
InjectionPoint A constructor, field or method that can receive injections.
InstanceBinding A binding to a single instance.
LinkedKeyBinding A binding to a linked key.
Message An error message and the context in which it occured.
PrivateElements A private collection of elements that are hidden from the enclosing injector or module by default.
ProviderBinding A binding to a Provider that delegates to the binding for the provided type.
ProviderInstanceBinding A binding to a provider instance.
ProviderKeyBinding A binding to a provider key.
ProviderLookup A lookup of the provider for a type.
ProviderWithExtensionVisitor A Provider that is part of an extension which supports a custom BindingTargetVisitor.
TypeConverter Converts constant string values to a different type.
TypeEncounter Context of an injectable type encounter.
TypeListener Listens for Guice to encounter injectable types.