Interface FakeProvider<T>

Type Parameters:
T - type that this interface can provide
All Known Implementing Classes:
FakeClientBundleProvider, FakeMessagesProvider, FakeUiBinderProvider

public interface FakeProvider<T>

Interface implemented by an object capable of providing fake instances of a given type. Instances of this interface must be registered via GwtMockito.useProviderForType(java.lang.Class,

Author: (Erik Kuefler)

Method Summary
 T getFake(Class<?> type)
          Returns a fake implementation of the given type.

Method Detail


T getFake(Class<?> type)
Returns a fake implementation of the given type.

type - the actual type passed to GWT.create. Usually this is the same as T, but it could be a subtype or a completely unrelated type depending on how GwtMockito.useProviderForType(java.lang.Class, was called.

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