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b2EdgeShape Class Reference

#include <b2EdgeShape.h>

Inherits b2Shape.

Public Member Functions

void Set (const b2Vec2 &v1, const b2Vec2 &v2)
 Set this as an isolated edge.
b2ShapeClone (b2BlockAllocator *allocator) const
 Implement b2Shape.
int32 GetChildCount () const
bool TestPoint (const b2Transform &transform, const b2Vec2 &p) const
void ComputeDistance (const b2Transform &xf, const b2Vec2 &p, float32 *distance, b2Vec2 *normal, int32 childIndex) const
bool RayCast (b2RayCastOutput *output, const b2RayCastInput &input, const b2Transform &transform, int32 childIndex) const
 Implement b2Shape.
void ComputeAABB (b2AABB *aabb, const b2Transform &transform, int32 childIndex) const
void ComputeMass (b2MassData *massData, float32 density) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from b2Shape
Type GetType () const

Public Attributes

b2Vec2 m_vertex1
 These are the edge vertices.
b2Vec2 m_vertex2
b2Vec2 m_vertex0
 Optional adjacent vertices. These are used for smooth collision.
b2Vec2 m_vertex3
bool m_hasVertex0
bool m_hasVertex3
- Public Attributes inherited from b2Shape
Type m_type
float32 m_radius

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from b2Shape
enum  Type {
  e_circle = 0, e_edge = 1, e_polygon = 2, e_chain = 3,
  e_typeCount = 4

Detailed Description

A line segment (edge) shape. These can be connected in chains or loops to other edge shapes. The connectivity information is used to ensure correct contact normals.

Member Function Documentation

void b2EdgeShape::ComputeAABB ( b2AABB aabb,
const b2Transform transform,
int32  childIndex 
) const
See Also

Implements b2Shape.

void b2EdgeShape::ComputeDistance ( const b2Transform xf,
const b2Vec2 p,
float32 *  distance,
b2Vec2 normal,
int32  childIndex 
) const

Compute the distance from the current shape to the specified point. This only works for convex shapes.

xfthe shape world transform.
pa point in world coordinates.
distancereturns the distance from the current shape.
normalreturns the direction in which the distance increases.

Implements b2Shape.

void b2EdgeShape::ComputeMass ( b2MassData massData,
float32  density 
) const
See Also

Implements b2Shape.

int32 b2EdgeShape::GetChildCount ( ) const
See Also

Implements b2Shape.

bool b2EdgeShape::TestPoint ( const b2Transform transform,
const b2Vec2 p 
) const
See Also

Implements b2Shape.

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