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b2Island Class Reference

This is an internal class. More...

#include <b2Island.h>

Public Member Functions

 b2Island (int32 bodyCapacity, int32 contactCapacity, int32 jointCapacity, b2StackAllocator *allocator, b2ContactListener *listener)
void Clear ()
void Solve (b2Profile *profile, const b2TimeStep &step, const b2Vec2 &gravity, bool allowSleep)
void SolveTOI (const b2TimeStep &subStep, int32 toiIndexA, int32 toiIndexB)
void Add (b2Body *body)
void Add (b2Contact *contact)
void Add (b2Joint *joint)
void Report (const b2ContactVelocityConstraint *constraints)

Public Attributes

b2Body ** m_bodies
b2Contact ** m_contacts
b2Joint ** m_joints
int32 m_bodyCount
int32 m_jointCount
int32 m_contactCount
int32 m_bodyCapacity
int32 m_contactCapacity
int32 m_jointCapacity

Detailed Description

This is an internal class.

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